Foods That Are Hard For The Kidneys To Process | Kidney Disease & Leaky Gut

Eating a diet that is high in junk food can adversely affect your kidneys. With kidney disease, you should try to avoid junk food at all times since it is high in sugar, salt, saturated fat, processed ingredients, and calories. Following the correct renal diet can improve kidney health and reduce the risk of other issues like high blood pressure and proteinuria. 


In today’s video, Robert shows us how consuming junk food and processed foods may eventually lead to kidney disease. He references a mouse study where junk food and processed foods caused to develop a leaky gut. A leaky gut means your gut is damaged and cannot correctly absorb and break down foods. Inflammation is a major issue caused by a leaky gut. 


With kidney disease, you must watch what you eat at all times. High sodium foods are your worst enemy and depending on what stage you’re at, a low-protein kidney-friendly diet can be a healthy choice. Incorporating highly processed foods and junk food into your diet will further damage your kidneys.


The research that Robert covers in the video revealed an interesting fact. The researchers gave the mice a rescue diet, a diet that was high in fiber. They found out that at the end of the research, the mice had reversed a lot of their issues. Make sure you’re getting enough fiber in your diet and stick to kidney-friendly meats and vegetables. 


Consuming a poor quality diet that is high in junk food can lead to other issues like kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Junk foods with kidney disease should always be limited to small amounts. If you’re following a kidney-friendly renal diet, be mindful to eliminate processed foods and junk food.


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