Foods With Flavonoids | Add This Special Nutrient to Your CKD Diet

Foods With Flavonoids | Add This Special Nutrient to Your CKD Diet

This video is about foods with flavanoids. Flavonoids are plant-nutrients and these are in a class called polyphenols. When you eat plants you get these nutrients and they showed in a variety of research how they’re very beneficial for kidney health. It really helps support good kidney health. I’m referencing a study this is “flavonoids in treatment of chronic kidney diseases the journal of molecules Arpil, 2022″

They talk about flavonoids and how they have so many good properties for people that have kidney issues. They’re anti-diabetic so they help people that have diabetic nephropathy, anti-hypertensive so they can help your blood pressure, they’re anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. There are so many good things they do. This piece of research talks about supplements that are flavonoids we’re not going to get into that right now.

I want to talk about foods because so this is a ranking of foods from high to low that have different flavonoids in them and the types of flavonoids that there are and I’m going to read through these foods because having more of these foods in a kidney diet can really help support your renal health and these are all healthy good foods. The only thing is you may have to watch the potassium on some of them. I’m going to exclude the really high potassium ones but if you really have to watch potassium you just want to double check all these. They have a couple categories here let’s start with the first one: anthocyanin.

This is a type of flavonoid that’s very good for the body, very good for your kidneys. Elderberry juice is the highest amount so this is ranked from high to low so as I read these the first ones in the category will be the highest down to the least. Elderberry juice very high potassium, bilberries, chickpeas, black currants, American bilberries, blackberries, red currants, red cabbage, raspberries, red bilberries, strawberries, and pecans. That’s from high to low.

Next category is flavonols. That’s green tea and black tea the two highest and I talk about these teas in other videos. They are so good for your kidneys, for any type of chronic kidney disease. We have here blackberries, cooked broad beans, pecans, apples and peaches. I love apples on a kidney diet. I love apples I have one just about every day. This next category is flavino, so from high to low we have fresh capers, dried parsley, we have rocket lettuce which I’m not even sure how available that is, red onions, goji berries, fresh cranberries, cooked asparagus, and black currants.

The next category is flavones. Here we have just dried parsley, dried oregano, fresh parsley, so dried seasonings are generally really good with kidney disease. I use a lot of dried seasonings in my cooking. Looks like we got some green peppers, celery, chicory, not too many people use chicory but if that’s something in your diet that’s great.

We have our last category here. This has a little repeat of some of these but lemons and limes, oranges really high up there. So those are all the foods that you can incorporate into your kidney diet that can provide those flavonoids. Really good plant nutrients for your kidneys.