Four Chinese Herbs Studied to Provide Renal Protection

Four Chinese Herbs Studied to Provide Renal Protection

Today we’re going to talk about four Chinese herbs that were written up and studied and how they provide renal protection. They lower the risk of reaching end-stage kidney disease and they can lower the risk of death.

Now these four herbs I’m going to get into everything and at the end. I’m gonna talk about which herb to start with, so make sure you watch it to the end because I’m gonna talk about which one herb that you can start with that I feel is the most beneficial.

These four herbs what they found was that people who took them had all those benefits I mentioned, but as they took one or they got more benefit. If they took two they got more benefit three they got more benefit and four they got even more benefit. This comes from the journal article from the phyto medicine journal January 2022 and it’s titledfour prescribed Chinese herbal medicines provide renal protection and survival benefit without hyperkalemia risk in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease.”

So they didn’t run the risk of high potassium levels by taking these four herbs, and the study was done in stage four and stage five people with kidney disease so pretty advanced stages which we hope that if you take in an early stage you get more benefit. Also there was a lot of people, a total of 24 000 people that they looked at.

The four herbs I’m going to talk about here is astragalus membranakis, angelica sinensis, rheum palmatum, and danshen. Those are the four herbs and they talked about with those four and they looked at varieties: hundreds of studies to so many thousands of people as you can see. They were found to be very safe and they provided renal protection. Now they recommend using all four of those herbs over one individually because it provides so much more benefit, and these herbs most of these you can get pretty easily in the United States. They’re quality control, they’re even grown here most of these herbs so they don’t generally get them from china.

A lot of herbs now are just grown in the United States under quality controlled conditions. So if you’re thinking about any of those make sure you use a very reputable company that has quality control. You can always call them and ask to see certificates.

Before using these four herbs there’s another Chinese herb that I’d like you to use first because I believe out of all the Chinese herbs out there this is the most studied and most beneficial for people with kidney issues and that’s cordyceps sinensis. You can find this a lot of places. It’s called the caterpillar fungus because it infects different insects and it grows off of them. Caterpillar is a common one but it happens to ants and a variety of others.

Cordyceps has just so many benefits for the kidney from renal protection, anti-inflammatory, immune modulating, so it helps some autoimmune diseases that that cause kidney problems. It’s a really great herb. You can get it from a variety of companies. I like Mushroom Wisdom, Host Defense, Now Foods has one. Take a look at my list, there’s¬†a bunch out there. Those are some of the more popular ones that you’ll find but you want to get a cordyceps extract.

You want to use anywhere from 1500 milligrams to 3 000 per day. That’s the most beneficial herb¬† and the most studied. You would start with that Chinese herb and then maybe if you want to pick another one from here or pick another herb from any other videos that we have you know that would be completely fine to add to your protocol because the awesome thing with herbs and the great thing with natural products natural substances is that you can use them together generally very safely and you get added benefit over using one by itself.