Gabapentin Effects on Kidneys | Is Gabapentin Bad for Your Kidneys?


Gabapentin Effects on Kidneys | Is Gabapentin Bad for Your Kidneys?

In this video we talk about Gabapentin effects on kidneys. The question we’re getting a lot is, Is gabapentin bad for kidney disease? Now, gabapentin is a medication used for diabetic neuropathy or neuropathy or any type of nerve pain. It is also used for seizures, but it’s given to a lot in people that have diabetic kidney disease because you develop neuropathy, particularly in the hands, especially the feet, and the legs, and that medication is given.

Now it is toxic to the kidney because it’s excreted through the kidney. So the kidney has a big job of clearing it out of the body. So if you are given gabapentin, you need to have a reduced dose or maybe none at all.

You have to speak to your medical doctor about that. If you’re being prescribed, a natural alternative is alpha lipoic acid, a supplement you can find 600. Twice a day helps neuropathy, also helps blood sugar and protects the kidney.

When it comes to gabapentin and kidney disease, kidney disease sufferers should be aware of the risks that are involved in taking gabapentin with kidney disease. Gabapentin is actually toxic to the kidneys. Gabapentin is frequently used as an analgesic in patients with chronic kidney disease. Although gabapentin is well known for its well recieved pharmacokinetics, it is exclusively eliminated renally, and patients with chronic kidney disease are at risk for toxicity.

People with chronic kidney disease who take gabapentin should be very aware of this as to not cause further damage to their kidneys. Gabapentin toxicity in patients with chronic kidney disease is underrecognized.

Patients with chronic kidney disease often receive dangerously high gabapentin dosage for their kidney function, which can lead to all sorts of problems. An alternative we recommend instead of Gabapentin is Alpha Lipoic Acid. People most commonly use alpha-lipoic acid for nerve pain in cases of diabetes. You should consider this as an alternative to Gabepentin if you have kidney disease.