Have Kidney Disease? You May Be Deficient In Selenium!

A study from Renal & Urology News delved deep into the distinct minerals which were found to be lacking within the kidney disease community. Unfortunately, what they found was that a key mineral, Selenium, long regarded for its powerhouse properties as an antioxidant is, on average, very low in people suffering from chronic kidney disease. 

The study suggested incorporating a rich source of Selenium into one’s diet, more specifically the Brazil nut (just one provides nearly 100% of your daily recommended value), although there are many other foods that are also rich sources of the mineral. If, however, you find that Brazil nuts are a feasible choice for you for whatever reason, such as being on a low protein kidney diet, one can also opt for any of the high-quality Selenium supplements out on the market today. Selenium is also a very typical ingredient in multivitamins, however, for those who are seriously deficient in the mineral, the daily recommended value contained in such multivitamins may not be potent enough to compensate for low levels. Always consult with a trusted healthcare provider before adding this or any supplement to your kidney care protocol.

And if you want to learn more about this study and Selenium in general, be sure to check out our video where we delve into more depth about the subject.