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Pomegranate and Kidney Disease. Is Pomegranate Juice Good For Kidney Disease
If you have a problem with your kidney and want to preserve its function; then you need to eat the right foods and drink the right beverages. Ever wondered why pomegranate juice can help protect your kidneys? Watch this interesting video. In a few minutes you will realize that preventing kidney disease is not that difficult. Pomegranate juice has many health benefits including its high concentration of antioxidants and healthy nutrients


Sea Moss and Kidney Disease Benefits? Does Sea Moss Improve Kidney Disease?
Should you be consuming Sea moss for kidney benefits? Some of the questions you may want to ask include Can seaweed help prevent kidney dysfunction? What type of seaweed can you consume and where is it available? How can seaweed protect my kidneys? All the answers to your questions are available by watching this video. The bottom line is that sea moss contains fucoxanthin which is good for overall health of the body.


Mayonnaise and Kidney Disease A Condiment To Eat?
Should you be eating mayonnaise if you have kidney disease? How much should you eat? This video will answer all your questions. In short, small amounts of mayonnaise are kidney friendly but too much mayo is not recommended. The reason is that mayonnaise is packed with saturated fats, which can raise your cholesterol levels. 


How To Avoid Kidney Problems: What You Can Do To Avoid Kidney Problems Before Kidney Disease
Developing kidney problems is bad news. So are there ways to prevent the kidneys from getting damaged? The bottom line is yes- watch this video if you want to avoid kidney problems. Besides regular checkups, you also need to watch what you eat, monitor your blood pressure and control your blood sugars.


High Blood Pressure in Kidney Disease
High blood pressure is a major risk factor for kidney damage. So what are the current guidelines on managing blood pressure to prevent kidney damage? Watch the video below to read the latest guidelines on how much salt you can consume everyday. Besides salt intake, the video provides many other useful tips you can undertake to lower your blood pressure.


Keto Diet And Kidney Disease | Does It Help? And Dangers
These days many people are using the keto diet to lose weight but is the keto diet safe for people with kidney problems? What are the dangers of a keto diet? Watch the video to learn more about the keto diet and how it can affect your kidneys. Bottom line, know what you put in your mouth when you have kidney problems.


Controlling High Blood Sugar And Kidney Disease CKD
There is ample evidence showing that having persistently high levels of blood sugar can be bad for the kidneys. But does it make a difference when you eat your dinner? Does the time of eating food have any impact on the blood sugar levels and kidney problems. Watch the video to know when to eat your dinner in order to protect your kidneys from high sugar levels.


Mortality And Kidney Disease: Raising Albumin Levels Safely CKD
If you want to stay alive longer when you have kidney problems, then you must watch this video. The latest studies show that the levels of albumin in blood are important for growth and development. Albumin comes from many foods and can help flush fluids out during dialysis.Having low levels of albumin can jeopardize your kidneys and health.

Kidney Disease And Sleep | Improve Kidney Disease With Sleep And Salt Intake
It is well known that people with kidney problems have poor sleep patterns but why does that happen? First it has to do with your salt intake which can affect the sleep wake cycle in the brain. So you need to take your blood pressure medications at a particular time. To learn more about how salt affects the melatonin levels in your brain, watch this video as it will provide tips on how to improve sleep.

Lemon Juice And Kidney Stones
There are so many types of beverages and juices on the market, it is difficult to know which is good for people with kidney problems. If you want to know about the best juices for kidney stones, watch this video. Lemon juice is known to lower your risk of developing kidney stones. And you can supplement it with citrate to lower the risk of magnesium stones.


Exercise Recommendations For Chronic Kidney Disease
As an individual with kidney disease, what exercise should you perform and how much exercise should you perform? Is there one exercise that is good for people with kidney disease? Watch this video on all about exercise and how it can benefit your overall health and your kidneys.


Top 3 Ice Cream Brands For A Kidney Disease Diet
Can you eat ice cream if you have kidney disease? Sure why not but only certain brands. Watch this video to acquire more information on which ice cream brands are safe for people with kidney problems and how much you can eat in one sitting. The key to picking the healthiest ice cream for you is reading the labels.

Achieve Lower BUN Levels In Cats With Kidney Disease – 5 Things That Lowers Cat’s BUN Levels
Just like humans, animals also develop kidney disease. If your cat has kidney problems with elevated levels of BUM, then watch this video on what steps you can take to lower them. The most important steps are to watch the cat’s diet and give the right supplements.


Lead and Kidney Disease – What To Know To Safely Detox
Lead is a heavy metal and found in the drinking water. Lead is a very dangerous poison and can quickly damage the kidneys. To find out how lead gets into your body and what you can do to lower the levels, watch this video. Detox with vitamin C supplements does work but it takes time. There are several other supplements that you can also take to detox lead….


Probiotics And Kidney Disease
Millions of people consume probiotics everyday but are they of any benefit to people with kidney disease? Plus, which probiotic can a kidney patient take and how much?  To learn more about probiotics and how they can help improve your kidney function, watch this video. To get the most out of probiotics, you may have to take several combinations….


Water And Kidney Disease | How Lead Levels In Water Affect Kidney Function
The Flint crisis in Michigan revealed one important fact- our drinking water may not be safe. There have been many studies in the USA showing that lead levels are high in the drinking water; and this heavy metal is toxic. To understand how lead affects your kidney function, watch this video… If you have kidney disease it is vital that you know for sure that your drinking water is safe…… 


CoQ10 For Kidney Disease | Kidney Health Supplement Benefits
Many people with kidney disease routinely take CoQ10 but does it work and is it beneficial? CoQ10 has many health benefits and is vital for production of energy. To learn more about CoQ10 and how it is useful for the kidneys, watch this video. Not only is CoQ10 safe it is also one the cheapest supplements on the market.


Cherries And Kidney Disease | Low Potassium Diet For Kidney Patients
Everyone loves cherries- but do you know that this delicious fruit also has many health benefits for the kidney. Cherries are packed with antioxidants and can help prevent damage to the kidneys. If you have kidney problems, you should watch this video. Not only will you become educated on the benefits of cherries but you will learn about frozen cherries.


Fish Oil And Kidney Stones? | Omega 3’s And Kidney Disease
Does fish oil cause kidney stones? Well, the old literature was wrong and today many studies show that omega 3 fatty acid can reduce kidney stone formation. To know how this happens and other benefits of fish oil, watch this video. Other benefits of fish oil include better memory, good heart health and much more…..


List Of Best Commercial Cat Foods For Cats With Kidney Disease
If you want to keep your cats healthy, then buying the right type of commercial cat food is important. With advancing age, many cars develop kidney problems but you can prevent this by giving them the right cat food. To learn more about the ingredients in commercial cat food that can prevent kidney disease in your cat, watch this video.


Gluten And Kidney Disease | Gluten Intolerance and Kidney Disease Impact
Is gluten bad for your kidneys? We do know that gluten is not good for people with celiac disease. But does a gluten free diet help people with kidney disease? Watch this video on the current literature on gluten free diets and kidney disease. The answers are not straight forward and you may have to try out a gluten free diet to see if it works for you.


High Blood Sugar In Kidney Disease | High Blood Sugar Renal Diet
There is no question that high levels of blood sugar are bad for the kidneys. So what can a diabetic person do? Watch this video to learn more about a diet for high blood sugar in people with kidney disease. And if you keep up with this diet, not only will your blood sugars come down but your kidneys will be protected from injury.


Dandelion And Kidney Disease | Herbal Remedies For Kidney Disease Is It Good?
May people consume Dandelion as a supplement for good health, but is it safe for people with kidney disease? Dandelion is full of antioxidants and can also help lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure- all of which help protect the kidneys. Watch this video to know more about dandelion supplements, how much you can consume and what to watch out for. 


Cannabis and Kidney Disease CBD And Marijuana Does It Help? Are There Any Effects?
Cannabis is now legal in Canada and some US states. While cannabis can relieve pain, there is a lot that remains unknown about this agent. If you have kidney disease, then you better watch this video to find out the latest on cannabis. Before you start on cannabis to lower your blood pressure, consult with the healthcare professional first.


Should You Eat Eggs In A Kidney Disease Diet? What Are The Risks?
Most people love to eat eggs but should people with kidney disease eat them also? Eggs provide a great source of protein but then they also contain high levels of cholesterol and phosphorus. To know the risks of eating eggs, watch this video and learn what part of the egg you can eat without problems…


Discover The Top-Performing Supplement For Dogs With Kidney Disease
Just like humans, dogs can also develop kidney problems which can shorten their lifespan. However, there are things you can do to prevent kidney disease in dogs. Watch our video on supplements for dogs and you will learn how to get rid of toxins in the animal’s body. The more knowledge you have about supplements, the better you will be able to take care of man’s best friend.


Low Protein Kidney Diet | Better Low Protein Diet For Kidney Disease Day Two
If you have kidney disease how much protein should you eat and how does protein affect kidney function. But should a diabetic also eat a low protein diet?  To learn more about low protein kidney diets watch our healthy kidney video and you will get to know food with low protein that can help your kidneys. 


My One Day Low-Protein Kidney Diet Plan EEHHH!
If you have kidney disease, what type of diet should you eat and how much protein? Well, you can find the answers to these questions in our latest healthy kidney video. We provide data on how much protein, potassium and phosphorus you should consume if you have kidney disease.  And we even tall you some great vegetables that can help protect your kidneys


This Iron Supplement Can Help Manage Anemia With Kidney Disease
There are many iron supplements on the market but which one is best for an individual with kidney disease. You can learn about the best iron supplement by watching our latest healthy kidney video. We provide details on the dose and when you should take it- to ensure that the maximum amount is absorbed from the stomach.


Control Phosphorus Levels In Kidney Disease | Reduce Phosphorus Levels In CKD
One issue that all patients with kidney disease face is the control of phosphorus. To bring down your phosphorus levels the easy way, watch our healthy kidney video. The key to lowering phosphate levels isto watch what you eat like a plant based diet. Or you can use a product called phosphix.


Is Soy The Perfect Food For A Polycystic Kidney Disease Diet | PKD
People with polycystic kidney disease have to watch what they eat or the kidney function can rapidly worsen. Today, it is recommended that animal products be consumed in lesser amounts and at the same time increase the amount of soy products. To understand the benefits of soy products on the kidney, watch our video which will tell you what foods contain soy and how much you can eat.


Blueberry Smoothies For Kidney Disease | Smoothies For Optimal Renal Health
Most people love blueberry smoothies- they taste great but are they good for people with kidney disease? Watch our video to learn that blueberries are packed with a high concentration of antioxidants and numerous nutrients that not only protect the kidney but also are a source of nutrition for the organ.

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