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Robert’s been hard at work here at Healthy Kidney Inc. answering all of your questions in short, straight-to-the-point videos that explain the ins and outs of CKD, from diet to new studies to supplements and pets. All the answers to the most frequently asked questions about kidney health can be found on our revamped YouTube channel.

Magnesium Supplements, should you take them if you have kidney issues? The answer may be surprising but it depends largely on the person consuming this vital mineral and what your doctor has deemed safe. This is why it’s vital you always have up-to-date labwork performed.


Cranberry juice is widely touted as having tons of healthy properties especially for all things urinary. With kidney disease, it’s super important that you make sure you’re not drinking one of the higher potassium brands as well as some of the more commercial brands because they are largely filled with inordinate amounts of sugar and could end up being counter-intuitive, in spite of the purported health benefits.


Cats are unfortunately no strangers to kidney problems with many cats developing feline kidney disease as they grow older. There is one supplement that really shines when it comes to providing natural relief from some of the worst symptoms they face.


One of the most crucial components of any protocol for kidney disease management is monitoring the level of protein in the urine. With the right supplement, you may be able to not only balance these levels but lower them naturally.


Soy is everywhere these days, enjoying popularity and also suffering some infamy. Where do people with kidney issues stand in terms of soy’s place (if any) in a healthy kidney diet?

Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV as it’s commonly known in holistic health circles is widely purported to be beneficial for everything from weight loss to blood sugar, even dandruff and body odor. But does it still manage to work its wonders on people with impaired kidney function?

Fasting is one of the most popular methods for losing weight and detoxing according to a growing number of people. Fasting while you are dealing with CKD, however, could be downright deadly.

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