Best Kidney-Friendly Juices To Drink With Kidney Stones

There are a handful of healthy kidney-friendly juices to help manage kidney stone formation. Lemon juice seems to be the best bet with kidney stones as Robert uncovers the pros and cons of fruit juices for kidney stones. Getting the right juice for kidney stones can also help improve overall kidney health. 


Today’s video is about what juices you can have to help reduce your risk of kidney stones and the reason we want to have those juices if it’s part of a therapy you’re using to help reduce kidney stones is they create or they put more citrate in the urine. Things that help reduce kidney stone formation so thanks for watching if you’re new to our channel this is healthy kidney inc where we give you great information to help your kidney health so subscribe, feel free to like, comment and dislike we usually get back to comments shortly so let’s get into it.


This is an article written by Todd Cooperman, a medical doctor where he goes through the different juices and starting with lemon juice. Using lemon juice as a benchmark it was a nice article where it had lots of everything from peer-review journal articles and all the information that he cited in there so let’s talk about it.


Freshly squeezed lemon juice seems to be the best one or one of the best ones to help manage kidney stone formation now we’re talking about squeezing that fresh lemon to a lemon or more squeezed out into some water this helps produce the citrate in the urine at a very high amount with little calories and other benefits so lemon juice seems to be the best one they looked at. Orange juice and pineapple juice are those which had similar amounts of citrate formation as lemon juice but they come with a lot of calories so it may not be good if you’re watching your weight it cannot be great if you’re diabetic so something to be mindful of with these other juices if it’s within your diet then you could use a small amount as part of your juice therapy to help the stone formation.


Grapefruit juice was actually one of the best actually was better than all other juices tested to produce the citrate in the urine okay problem is with grapefruit juice that it interferes with lots and lots of medication so a very high percentage isn’t going to be able to take the grapefruit juice and it does have those calories again so I think lemon juice and what was cited in this article is the best option grapefruit juice if you’re on blood pressure medications cholesterol you generally have to avoid it you have to avoid it with just about the most medication so you want to double and triple-check that before you go using grapefruit juice.


If you’re on medications to help stone formation cranberry juice another popular one was looked at and that actually formed citrate the least of all the juices so it wasn’t a great option it’s more known for urinary health but not for kidney stone formation just avoid it isn’t the better one always looking at that lemon juice another one looked at was apple cider vinegar very popular they noted because they looked at this a little further Dr. Cooperman there looked at it and noted because it’s a very popular thing on the market actually because of that popularity a lot of people think it’ll work for stone formation but actually shown to produce one of the least amounts of citrate in the urine there may be some other mechanisms that might work for stone formation but we just don’t know enough of that yet to say.


Melon juice was also another option to produce less citrate than orange juice, pineapple, and lemon but it’s another option again has a lot of calories so looks like the winner overall are lemon juice, and the one contraindication one thing they recommended to do is make sure to brush your teeth if you’re going to do any of these juice therapies for kidney stone formation lemon juice is the best the others I mentioned the calories watching out pure diabetic and make sure to brush your teeth okay two to three times per day because you don’t want to have any tooth problems because of all that extra citrate you’re consuming sugar from the other juices so thanks for watching everybody into your best kidney health, bye.

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