Controlling High Blood Sugar And Kidney Disease CKD

High Blood Sugar And Kidney Disease

High blood sugar is researched about in this Journal of Nutrients 2021 August they published a study small study but it’s within people and it was a good study they looked at having an earlier dinner time and how it improved blood sugar. And what they did was they took people and either had them have dinner at 6 00 p.m or 9 00 p.m and the people at 6 p.m had a better 24-hour glucose and they attributed it to a lot of different things different effects on metabolism the lifestyle that you may have if you go to bed later if you go to bed late with after eating a late dinner the effects it could have so a lot of different things the point is this is a very simple thing you can do if you’re looking to control blood sugar and you have kidney disease
If you’re pre-diabetic if you have diabetic nephropathy diabetic kidney disease and if you’re having late dinners try to move it earlier so they looked at six o’clock and that that’s where they showed the better timing. So if you’re having dinner at later nine o’clock or so which they showed in the study had worse blood sugar effects look to move it to six o’clock and that could be something that can help you and that’s a really simple diet tip that doesn’t even require you to change your foods or anything at all. Of course with kidney disease you want to make more diet changes but if you’re having that late dinner try to have it a little bit earlier and measure your blood sugars and see what the difference is now we have another video on the channel here i’m going to go through it though quickly from another study that talked about the order of eating your foods actually improved blood sugar up to six to ten hours later as they measured in the study and what that was was the order you ate your food.
So if you ate your proteins first okay your fish chicken turkey beans eggs whatever it is you eat your protein first then your vegetables then your carbohydrates it improves blood sugar as opposed to eating maybe the carbohydrates first the vegetables first. So the order of your foods also has an impact on your blood sugar and the reason that i like these two tips is because you don’t have to do anything as i mentioned you don’t have to change your diet or anything of course you should it’s only going to be better for your kidneys but just doing those two simple things moving your dinner earlier more towards 6 pm and the order of eating your foods.