High Blood Sugar In Kidney Disease | High Blood Sugar Renal Diet

High Blood Sugar In Kidney Disease
High blood sugar in kidney disease is all about controlling blood sugar kidney disease and most people have diabetes. To begin with, breakfast is all right so you’re gonna start with an omelet okay, so eggs I did another video about eggs. So you got the egg whites, egg yolks, and if you’re trying to watch phosphorus use fewer egg yolks and more of the egg whites but if you don’t have an issue feel free to have the whole egg. Maybe a two-egg omelet three so depending on how much you eat how many calories you’re looking to take in per day. Add kidney-friendly vegetables to it all right add some scallions add some cauliflower generally cauliflower you would use the heads the flowering part. Just to cut that up you can put it real small sprinkle it throughout some peppers are great red peppers green peppers little mushrooms onions all right just kidney-friendly vegetables loaded up with use I use oil instead of butter you can use butter no problems with your cholesterol but use a little oil in your pan to cook it and so you can start the day with that if you’re looking for something else besides that omelet you can have crisp red rye.
A crisp bread rye doesn’t raise blood sugar and with that raw, you can add like two tablespoons of a little bit of low-fat cream cheese look for always the lowest salt you can add two tablespoons of hummus you can add two tablespoons of baba ganoush baba ganoush is a pureed eggplant any of those work baba ganoush tastes great I like them all but you can use whatever you like there for your breakfast so that covers breakfast all right maybe you go right to lunch maybe you have a snack for a snack how about we do cup cherries maybe some berries maybe an apple with your cherries all things that won’t raise the blood sugar high but again if you’re a diabetic you know only you know what’s going to affect your blood sugar 100 these are guidelines that work for majority of people but as as I always say in other videos test your blood sugar so we got that snack there if you want to use those fruits later in the day or you want to have them as a snack at that point that’s fine going to lunch so we’re going to do a half cup of carbohydrates.
Diet For High Blood Sugar In Kidney Disease
I brought a half cup of rice white rice or brown rice or another whole grain rice that only depends if you’re really monitoring and aggressively trying to get your phosphorus down if not go with the whole grains it’s better for you and we’re keeping it small to a half cup which most people should be able to tolerate from there you can add about a cup of black beans or maybe garbanzo beans chickpeas so that would be your protein beans don’t raise blood sugar so you get fiber from it you get a healthy carb that doesn’t raise protein a a complex carbohydrate from that maybe you want to have a salad or some other vegetable it could be raw it could be cooked I’m recommending raw with olive oil extra virgin olive oil added one to two cups one to two tablespoons sorry don’t use cups one to two tablespoons added now the oil gives you a healthy fat it’s kidney-friendly doesn’t affect blood sugar gives it some taste you can add some vinegar and you can always add fresh spicy seasonings throughout everything.
You can also add in like eight pecans maybe eight to twelve pecans like a quarter cup and with your salad or maybe just have it on the side and eat it you can mix it in there with the vegetables so that could be your lunch from there we’re going to dinner so dinner we’re going to have a piece of salmon all right salmon’s like the king of the fish all right it’s super fatty which gives you all those great omega-3s and that fat isn’t gonna affect cholesterol that type of fat that’s in there we’re looking at three to four ounces cooked for most people three to four ounces cooked what’s three to four ounces cooked generally for most people, it’ll be their palm maybe a little bigger a little smaller depending inside your hand but that’s after you cook it you weigh it you don’t weigh it before you cook it all right so that’s some delicious salmon keep the oil light but enough to cook it out which whatever way you’re doing it from there.
I’m gonna say have a half cup of your favorite carbohydrate if you want pasta with a little marinara sauce if you want rice you want little potatoes you want corn you want quinoa you want buckwheat kasha whatever it is that you’re having whatever your carbohydrate is if you want to have one slice of bread that would be generally most people will be with just that half a cup one slice of bread it’s not enough to raise blood sugar from there you always got to go back to having those vegetable salads raw cooked I love cucumbers I’ve been doing a lot of cucumbers lately at dinner I just cut them up I put a couple of tomatoes not a lot the ratio is really a lot more cucumbers to tomatoes I put some nice healthy extra virgin olive oil on there some vinegar I have a stash salt line I have other salt free seasonings and that’s that could be a big vegetable right there for you but whatever is cooked to have a half cup of carbohydrates for dinner.
After dinner, if you want a fruit snack maybe a yogurt a plant-based yogurt make sure that plant-based yogurt has a little bit of protein added or a dairy yogurt would go back to that rye water crispbread then you go back to have some of that hummus but all this should keep blood sugar very well controlled and since it’s not a lot of animal products for your diet. 

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