High Uric Acid and Kidney Disease Progression, Medications & Supplements to Lower It.

In this video, we’re talking about uric acid and kidney disease and how it can affect kidney function. Uric acid is a natural break-down product from foods, especially foods higher in purines. Purines are normally produced in the body and are also found in some foods and drinks.

Your kidneys are responsible for taking uric acid out of the body and when the kidneys are damaged, it doesn’t do a great job in taking uric acid out which can over time build up and it becomes toxic to your body and ends up accelerating the progression of your kidney disease.

High levels of uric acid in your body are something you don’t want and a lot of doctors still are testing for this. This video will uncover many topics related to uric acid and kidney disease.

If you have kidney disease, your uric acid levels are going to be elevated so make sure to ask your doctor to have them tested or you can look at the blood-work. When you have the information you need, go ahead and check the range and the range can vary depending on the lab. They can be anywhere from 3.4 to 7. This really depends and it goes lab by lab.

When we’re talking about uric acid levels and kidney disease, anything that is higher than 7 brings up concerns because we know that an elevated level of uric acid speeds up the progression so you lose kidney function faster. It will depend on your lab but for anyone with a value higher than 7, you should really look into something to help your situation.

Always ask your doctor for medications that can lower uric acid. Two popular ones that are out there are uloric and allopurinol. Robert suggests uloric to be a better option but it really comes down to which one your doctor recommends.

Naturally, when the kidney is damaged, it’s really hard to evacuate all that uric acid and to get rid of it. This is when medications come into play and are often one of your best measures to take. You may not even have to take it every day depending on your levels.

Other options are by modifying your diet. A lot of the traditional diets are to avoid purines but that generally doesn’t work with kidney disease unless you have a lot of those foods in your diet.

Supplements are another great thing that can drastically help your situation if you use it in combination with your other medications. Supplements have many outstanding benefits than just helping lower uric acid levels. Here are three supplements that are coming from the Nutrient Journal published in August 2019. They went through a lot of supplements and looked at different studies and did their research and basically, it looks like there are three really good supplements that you can try to help lower that uric acid.

One of them is Curcumin. Curcumin is the active component out of the spice turmeric. If you’re going to get that in supplemental form, we’d suggest 500mg a day in curcumin extract and at least three pills a day so 1500mg.

L-Arginine has also shown to possibly help lower uric acid. The third one was Vitamin C. Robert recommends Ester C and Liposomal C as those have higher absorption and less irritating on the stomach. You can look at those three supplements to help lower your uric acid levels and they also help your kidneys in general.

So you have those three supplements you can try out. First things first, make sure you have your uric acid levels tested. Don’t assume your doctor is doing it and ask for a copy of the blood work and look at it yourself. Consider the two medications if you have high levels and you can even combine them with the supplements mentioned above. 

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