Hot Sauce and Kidney Disease? Can You Enjoy Hot Sauce in a Kidney Disease Diet?

Hot Sauce and Kidney Disease? Can You Enjoy Hot Sauce in a Kidney Disease Diet?

Hot Sauce is a fan favorite for many people around the world. It adds a fiery element to your meals, and runs the range from somewhat mild, to explosively hot! Where does hot sauce fit in to a kidney disease diet? Healthykidneyinc. weighs in in this video.

The first possible red flag with hot sauce and kidney disease is that hot sauce from the store is usually very high in sodium. We know that excess sodium can be detrimental to kidney disease because it causes the build up of fluid in the body. Too much fluid elevates blood pressure and puts tension on the heart and kidneys. Since the recommended amount of sodium for a healthy person is only around one tea spoon of salt, people with kidney disease need to be extra cautious. The good news is not every brand of hot sauce is loaded with sodium.

The top brand we recommend here at Healthykidneyinc. is always Tobasco! It has around 35-40 milligrams of sodium per teaspoon. This is not bad, considering the recommended amount of hot sauce to use on food is about a tea spoon. Another brand we like is Cholula- which is also relatively low in sodium. A brand to AVOID is Frank’s Red Hot because it just has way too much sodium. Always be mindful when consuming hot sauce, and stay safe!

Alternatively, you can make your own as there only a few simple ingredients. The base ingredients are vinegar, chili peppers, and salt. You can even add in your own spices and seasoning to make your own original blend! However, we know that making your own hot sauce can not always fit into your busy schedule. So when looking at store brands, first make sure to check the back label for sodium content.

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