How Long Can You Live With Kidney Failure & Selenium?


Selenium is a mineral that’s commonly found in many multivitamins and is packed with antioxidants. Reduced selenium levels are often found in individuals dealing with kidney issues. Being deficient in selenium has additionally been linked to cardiovascular diseases.


Thousands of studies highlight multiple benefits of selenium especially for those with kidney problems. In this video, Robert reviews a study from The Journal of Renal Nutrition, November 2020. The study looked at all-cause mortality and end-stage kidney disease and found that people who had kidney failure and low selenium levels died the quickest from any cause of death.


Selenium’s powerful antioxidants help reverse cell damage and support kidney function. In many cases, with kidney disease, your selenium levels usually may be low and you might need to supplement. 


Robert talks about the many ways to take selenium correctly. With kidney disease, you can never go wrong with this mineral. Generally, a multivitamin would be your best bet and a good one would contain some selenium in it. Just a small portion of selenium can help bring the levels back to normal.


Research shows that individuals who had normal and high selenium levels enjoyed the protection and didn’t die as soon as those with low selenium levels. If you get blood tested for any nutrients, Robert suggests staying away from them for 4-5 days before your blood test so that you can get an accurate reading.


When you shop around for the multivitamin, you also get all the other beneficial nutrients. However, you can also look for a selenium pill separately. They can range from 25 mcg – 200 mcg. Robert recommends staying around 50 mcg – 100 mcg.


Another way to regain your selenium levels is by eating brazil nuts. A study with hemodialysis patients and low selenium revealed multiple benefits of this unknown nut. They gave them one brazil nut a day and over the course of 6 months, their selenium levels were back up. Taking two or three of these a day can be a great addition.


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