How Long Can You Stay In Stage 3 Kidney Disease?

Today we’re replying to a question we recently got about stage 3 kidney disease.
“How long can you stay in stage 3 kidney disease?”

In this video, Robert shares a little backstory of his journey as a kidney disease sufferer. As someone who has been through all the stages including getting a kidney transplant and a fistula surgery, he saw that there wasn’t enough evidence-backed research and just basic tips to help those living with some form of kidney disease. Since then, he’s been sharing information with people worldwide with solid research and various ways to improve kidney function. 

While in stage 3 of kidney disease, you can manage to potentially stay put there your entire life. It also depends on your age, how aggressive your treatments are, and more like an underlying health condition. 

If you don’t take proper care or just complete the bare minimum, there may be a chance that you won’t stay in stage 3 for the long term, eventually leading you to stage 4 kidney disease. If you focus more on medical treatments, managing your blood pressure, good things will start to happen. 

In stage 3, when the kidneys are partially damaged, it gets relatively hard to control blood pressure as you’re missing the kidney cells that are supposed to manage blood pressure. 

Considering an appropriate renal diet and sticking to it can help slow down the progression of kidney disease. Reducing sodium intake alone can extremely help lower your blood sugar levels. Along with that, proper supplementation, healthy lifestyle, exercise, and more are to be followed on a regular basis.

Robert himself has been in stage 3 kidney disease for around 16 years now and he’s been successful in maintaining good health even with a transplanted kidney. His diet, supplements, medications, and many lifestyle changes speak for themself. 

When it comes to health issues, there is always self-care involved. You generally have a lot more control over your situation than you think.

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