How Much Protein Can I Eat With Kidney Disease? Protein and CKD

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The amount of protein a kidney disease sufferer can consume in their renal diet is very debatable as there are thousands of calculations on the internet on how much protein you can have. The protein intake also depends on the type of diet you’re following and any lifestyle changes you’ve made. 


Robert incorporates three diets to break this video down further:


  • Low to very low protein diet (VLPD) – This diet generally has a protein intake range of 20mg to 35mg a day. Some low protein diets can go up to 40mg but you shouldn’t go higher than that. If you’re following a very low protein diet, you will be in that 20mg to 30mg area. Now if you’re going to follow a very low protein diet, we recommend using keto analogues of essential amino acids in order to prevent being protein deficient. 


  • Vegan/Vegetarian Diet – This diet is commonly preferred among those who like to stick to their plant-based sources of proteins like beans, nuts, soy products, whole grains, and many more. Typically, with this diet, you can enjoy anywhere from 40mg to 60mg of proteins a day. When you enter that 50mg to 60mg range, it’s considered to be on the higher end especially for someone with kidney disease.


  • A renal diet with some animal protein – If you prefer to have some animal proteins like dairy, fish, turkey, eggs, chicken, etc., this may be the perfect diet for you. You have to mindful here as this diet can be upwards of 60mg of proteins a day. Once you cross that line, your kidneys are now going to bear more stress. Consuming more than 60mg of protein a day can also accelerate the loss of kidney function.


Depending on which diet you follow, the general range is anywhere between 22mg to 60mg of protein a day. A bigger person may be able to sustain a little more protein. To prevent protein deficiency, we recommend the use of keto analogues of essential amino acids. If you need protein values, you can always find it on our website. 

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