How To Delay Dialysis When GFR Is Below 15?

Most people diagnosed with kidney disease are going to have to pay close attention to their GFR levels. In today’s video, we go over some statistics on how to delay dialysis when your GFR is 15 or less. GFR is the measure of your kidney function and once you’re in that range where you have 15 or less, it’s extremely challenging to keep away from dialysis.

In a journal published by the Nutrient Journal in October 2020, researchers observe a group of people who had a GFR of 15 or less.  They examined studies between 2001 and 2015. 

What they discovered was that following a low to very low protein diet with keto analogues of essential amino acids helped in decelerating the rate of initiation of dialysis. Low to very low protein diets are not the easiest to follow but if you’re willing to avoid or at least delay dialysis, and you have a GFR of 15 or less, the research shows that following this diet is the best option. 

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The research suggests that this is your best bet to delay dialysis if your GFR is 15 or less. Along with all the medications you’d normally take and all the supplements, you can undoubtedly expect some positive outcomes and a better quality of life.

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