How To Improve Kidney Function & Avoid Dialysis Video #2. The One Supplement For Kidney Disease


A few days ago, we did a video on how to improve kidney function to avoid dialysis. The next day, we received over 50 emails and comments on our video.  To further expand on how to improve kidney function with the help of a high fiber diet, Robert explains everything about fiber supplementation with kidney issues. You can watch our previous video here. 


With kidney disease, you always want to go for a powder fiber supplement. You can include up to 20 grams of fiber into your diet and your kidney function may gradually improve. Although dialysis is the final treatment for kidney disease, there are numerous things you can do to avoid dialysis. Robert suggests powder fiber supplements over fiber pills. This is because the powdered form of fiber has more benefits for your kidneys. 


You should aim to get at least 20 grams of fiber every day into your kidney diet. Some kidney disease sufferers go up to 50 grams. Whatever stage of kidney disease you’re at, starting with small amounts of powder fiber can help improve kidney function by removing kidney toxins. 


For people with kidney disease, Acacia fiber is the best fiber supplement you can get. With many studies and solid research confirming the benefits of acacia fiber, it has shown to help avoid dialysis among many people who have kidney issues. Out of all the fiber supplements, acacia fiber is known to be the most beneficial. 


Staying hydrated while taking fiber supplements is key. If you’re dehydrated while taking the fiber supplement, it may leave you feeling constipated. Make sure to drink a lot of water for the acacia fiber to work effectively. Acacia fiber also helps improve cholesterol health, IBS, and diabetes. Be mindful to consume a high-fiber diet to improve kidney function and avoid dialysis. 


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