How To Improve Kidney Function To Avoid Dialysis?

Individuals diagnosed with kidney disease are always looking for ways to naturally improve kidney function. In today’s video, Robert focuses on the importance of fiber content in your diet. If you’re trying to avoid dialysis in the later stages of kidney disease, having an adequate amount of fiber in your diet can help improve kidney function.


Dialysis is the last step for kidney disease where you filter your blood to remove toxins and fluids. However, there is an abundance of things you can do with kidney disease that can help improve kidney function. Fiber is extremely important for people with kidney issues. Consuming high amounts of fiber in a kidney-friendly diet can help get rid of the kidney toxins which helps reduce kidney damage.


In the video, Robert goes over a piece of research conducted by the Journal of Nutrition, March 2021. During this research, they took many studies into account and did a meta-analysis with dietary fiber and supplemental fiber. After looking at various groups of people who were intaking up to 20 grams of fiber per day, the researchers saw reduced uremic toxin levels in the different groups of people.


Incorporating supplemental fiber into a renal diet is an effective way of improving kidney function. A high-fiber diet also helps balance cholesterol levels and normalizes bowel movements. In very few cases, some people may experience discomfort, bloating, gas, irritation, etc.


All types of fiber were included in the research. However, Robert strongly recommends a soluble fiber as the best source for supplemental fiber. You should try to include up to 25 grams of fiber or higher in a kidney-friendly diet. We also came across some other studies that showed postponed dialysis by consuming up to 50 grams of fiber per day.


A high-fiber diet can benefit people with kidney disease at any stage. You can start with small amounts and gradually move on to higher portions of fiber. Fiber is also known to improve heart health, control blood sugar levels, and manage diabetes.


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