How To Lower Your Creatinine Naturally | Creatinine And CKD

Creatinine And Kidney Disease
First off diet you have to do diet, you have to do something of a kidney-friendly diet. There’s no other way when it comes to your body there’s going to be things that you have control of that you can do like diet and then there’s things that you don’t like seeing but you would see a proper nephrologist to get proper medications. When it comes creatinine and kidney disease, the diet there’s a lot of kidney therapeutic diets first off you have to avoid and limit sodium salt as much as possible that’s just a given your sodium and salt should be under 300 milligrams a day total and that’s from all sources and you’re going to get a lot of sodium from packaged products so that’s where you really want to look you want to avoid things like fast food junk food because they’re always going to have high sodium.
So lower sodium as best you can really want to minimize it now with diet you want to have a lot of fiber in your diet you should be aiming for 20 25 grams a day of fiber from fruits and vegetables. If you’re restricted on potassium you might want to look at kidney friendly fruits and vegetables that’s what you’re going to want to have and you got to drink plenty of water lots of water at least half your body weight in ounces or if that’s too much eight eight ounce glasses per day of water so that’s at least 64 ounces up to 70. make sure you’re not fluid restricted so check with your doctor and you should have a nephrologist which i’ll talk about in a moment and in terms of diet we almost always want to lower protein to some degree okay because protein puts extra stress on the kidney so lowering protein very beneficial helps to improving the creatinine.
Albumin Levels
If you don’t want to lower you should switch to more vegetarian plant-based proteins and as I give you all these recommendations we have over 200 videos that you should reference a lot of these things if you’re not familiar with like the fiber the diet so you can really learn a lot to help yourself so lower the proteins depend how much depends on you and where you’re at with your health your albumin levels which we talked about in previous videos but you have to do the diet you have to okay that’s number one second you should get the opinion of three nephrologists okay even if you your doctor is the head of some big teaching hospital somewhere doesn’t matter get three opinions because it’s going to vary greatly on the information you get and everybody’s nephrology specialty experience study is different than the other person and they will may address different areas that another nephrologist may address.
So three nephrologists because depending on the severity of your kidney disease you’re going to need some medications to help control it and if there’s a lot of damage you need more medications and there’s some areas that we just can’t address naturally so three nephrologists opinions very important to at least get your medication management so the way we want to look at lowering keratin is doing everything you can in your power and then conventional medicine using all the right things so we got the diet finding a nephrologist I spoke about the fiber fiber is a portion of plant material that’s not digested so it goes throughout your body through your digestive system small large intestine and it’s grabbing kidney toxins and helping the environment of the colon which helps with excreting more of those kidney toxins that’s why it’s so important to make sure you get adequate fiber now in other videos we told we do talk about going up to 50 grams of fiber per day using a supplement a fiber supplement preferably a soluble fiber supplement but you can reference those videos also they’ll be in the description i think they’re called how to slow down kidney disease.
The number one way to slow it down so take a look at those with the fiber okay we have probiotics good bacteria for your digestive system you want billions of these healthy good bacteria that you can get from some food products. But you definitely want to take a supplement form we have a lot of videos that speak about probiotics so that’s also an area you want to address and then another one that’s very very important is watching that acid build up acid buildup is the co2 on your blood work making sure that you’re not have too much acid buildup or what’s called metabolic acidosis we have another link in the description that talks about that but making sure by your blood work looking at your CO2 levels that you’re not too acidic and how to address that so those are the areas i recommend starting with if you’re new to kidney disease or you’re looking to lower your creatinine regardless of if you’re new to kidney disease or not so you look at that diet three nephrologists the fiber probiotics and acid buildup that was the last one looking at those bicarbonate levels so take a look at other videos about those topics.

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