Heat Stroke & Kidney Disease. How To Prevent and Treat Heat Stroke Kidney Disease

In early September 2020, an intense heatwave broke temperature records in several locations in Southern California. The dry, hot conditions helped fuel new and existing fires, which have consumed tens of thousands of acres of land. With more fires being created every day here in the states, and radical climate changes that we experience every year,  it is hard to ignore the adverse effects of heat on your kidneys.

Body temperatures above 104 degrees Fahrenheit may lead to significant problems for the kidneys. Dehydration will also result in low blood pressure and decreased kidney function.

Today’s video is going to give a better insight on how to protect yourself against heat stress specifically

In this video today, Robert shares his knowledge on how to protect yourself against heat stress especially if you have kidney disease.

In many parts of the world, there has been an epidemic taking place for many years now that highly affects agriculture workers. Individuals who perform their daily tasks in the fields, farms, and other environments where you work in the heat all day. Some places that have been hit by this epidemic are South America, Sri Lanka, India, and many more. 

Exposure to high temperatures of heat may lead to heat stress kidney disease if you don’t take preventive measures to address it like staying hydrated and taking short breaks. 

Chronic kidney damage due to hot weather is an overlooked topic that many kidney journals don’t cover. Not being able to properly hydrate yourself puts you at an elevated risk of CKD due to heat stress.

Effective dietary supplements can be used to combat this issue. Below are the two main kinds that stand out from the rest.

Two supplements have shown positive benefits; Quercetin & N-acetylcysteine (NAC).

If you opt for these supplements, you can find them at your local drug store or anywhere they sell vitamins or online.

For Quercetin, you want to get 1500mg a day. They usually sell them in 500mg capsules so you would take three of them.

For the second one, N-acetylcysteine, the magic number for this supplement where good things start to happen is 1800mg a day. You may find 600mg pills so you can take three of those a day.

These two supplements will protect you from heat stress kidney disease.

Chronic kidney disease has silently affected thousands of agricultural workers over the years and the reasons have been very irrational. Protective measures that can be taken are extremely feasible for workers who work outside in the heat.

Proper hydration is key and those two supplements mentioned above will help protect your kidneys. If you are going to be out there working in the heat, take multiple short breaks, and keep yourself hydrated at all times throughout the day, and try not to exhaust yourself.

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