How to Reduce Kidney Inflammation: Supplements and Foods That Work To Reduce Kidney Inflammation

How to Reduce Kidney Inflammation: Supplements and Foods That Work To Reduce Kidney Inflammation

Today’s video is about kidney inflammation. We’re going to talk about a dietary approach that was used in Glomerulonephritis in 20 people to help lower and get rid of all the proteins. If you have a lot of protein in your urine, it is a dietary approach you may want to try this diet because it has shown benefits and is very safe. It is also something you can do for a period of time. They did it up to four months and they found as time went on they got greater and greater improvements; meaning people had way less urine in their protein.

Some people got to almost normal amounts in the study, plus high cholesterol came down. This piece of research is from the Clinical Nephrology Journal, December 1993 so it’s a little while ago, but it still holds true today. We’ve replicated a lot of other studies similar to it to show the benefits of this diet approach.

The title of the article was “Treatment of Protein Uric Patients With a Vegetarian Soy Diet and Fish Oil. They took these people with the nephritis, with lots of inflammation in the kidney, and they had them go on a vegetarian diet where they replaced all their animal sources of protein and even vegetarian-based sources of protein like beans and lentils, and replaced them all with soy protein.

Essentially they were on a vegan diet with soy protein. They did take some fish oil supplements also. What the diet showed was that by replacing the soy proteins and going vegan, proteinuria kept coming down and down.  They got full benefits in four months and a lot of people even went into remission which is great. This is a diet approach that you can try it because it doesn’t really take anything special except going more vegan and using those soy products for your protein source.

It showed that the nutritional status improved their cholesterol. The people they chose for the study also had high cholesterol, so the cholesterol came down, along with body mass index. Also, nutritional parameters like albumin were all also better.  It’s a really simple thing to do.

What they did later on in the study was they gave people fish oil with omega-3. Unfortunately, this study didn’t show any benefit as they said there was no difference between the fish oil and not using fish oil. Unfortunately I couldn’t grab all the little details of this study, but I’m assuming knowing with what we know now about omega-3s and fish, is that they probably didn’t use the proper fish oils.

However, you can’t just go to a store and buy an omega-3 off the shelf and think it’s going to work. You have to get an omega-3 official that has high EPA– that’s a therapeutic part of the omega-3. You have to focus on the diet if you’re going to do this, and then whatever other supplements you can add in are always going to be beneficial.