How To Test Kidney Disease At Home & Adjusting Your Renal Diet For Success!

For those that have concerns about kidney issues, urinalysis is a great way to test for kidney disease at home and monitor your kidney disease by using urine test strips. In this video, Robert goes over the directions on how to use urine test strips and where you can find them. 


Urine test strips are easily available online, or at your local pharmacy. These test strips help detect if you have kidney issues that may need to get checked out further. Urine test strips do not guarantee if you have kidney disease but can help reveal any unusual imbalances in your urine. 


If you’re diagnosed with kidney disease, you can use urine test strips to monitor your urine. The test also shows the amount of protein in your urine and most kidney disease sufferers have some protein in their urine. To learn about ways to reduce protein in your urine, watch this video. 


Now to use these urine test strips, you’d start by urinating in a cup and insert the dipstick in your urine. After that, you’d match up the colors to your results to check for any imbalances. Glucose levels and the amount of protein in your urine can be checked as well. For kidney disease, the main ones you should look for are protein level, glucose, hydration level, and blood. 


Implementing these steps can prove to be beneficial for anyone with kidney issues. You can easily use this to monitor your kidney disease. 



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