Improve Diabetic Kidney Disease With Chinese Herb

Improve Diabetic Kidney Disease With Chinese Herb

Today we’re talking about two ways to help improve diabetic kidney disease also known as diabetic nephropathy which estimated up to 40 to 60 percent of people on dialysis are on dialysis because of diabetic nephropathy.

This comes from type 2 diabetes and so here are two ways from some recent research journals on how to improve that condition. The good thing about this problem is that it is studied very heavily because of the high rate of type 2 diabetes and now diabetic kidney disease. Let’s get into it.

The Clinical Therapeutics Journal January, 2022: Therapeutic Effect and Safety of Tryptophan Glycosides Combined with Western Medicine on Type 2 Diabetic Kidney Disease: A Meta-Analysis. So this is an herb. The full name of this herb is Tripterygium wilfordii. It’s a Chinese herb. It’s been studied in a lot of conditions. We have some studies in kidney showing benefit and now we even have some more studies showing its benefit in type 2 diabetes. They use it in combination with western medicine which means blood pressure medications and whatever other medications you may be using like diabetic medications.

I generally always recommend if you’re going to take supplements diet always take your medication because they always work better together. They both complement each other and doing doing just supplements is not going to end up generally well unless you’re in very early stages. You generally need some type of medication support. So what they found at this study was based on our results tg that’s the Tripterygium, combined with western medicine may be an effective and safe therapy for type 2 diabetic kidney disease. The best duration may be three to six months. So three to six months you should take it for. You should get monitored while taking it and make sure your doctor is aware. Get your blood tested. That’s something you can try.

I did look into brands many a little while ago probably two-three years ago It’s a Chinese herb. In china medicine is completely different. They integrate a lot of the herbs into their conventional medical systems. There are lots of studies there. You can find a couple products from China. The only one that I know of that’s quality controlled because I spoke to the owner a couple years ago is a company called Thunder God Root so. The nickname of Tripterygium is Thunder God Root. That’s an easier way to remember it. Thunder God Root or Vine.

You can try that two to three pills a day if you want to try something but we do talk about a lot of other supplements things you can do for diabetic kidney disease. So there’s so much all right. The second journal article we have: Meta-analysis Endocrine Metabolic Immune Disorder and Drug Targets Journal 2022 either January or February 2022. Can probiotic supplementation improve glycemic and renal status in diabetic nephropathy a systemic review and medical analysis of clinical trials.

The results. The meta-analysis supports the potential use of probiotics in the improvement of some glycemic and renal biomarkers in patients with diabetic nephropathy. We know that probiotics are just wonderful for kidney health. They help support the normal elimination of the kidney toxins and could potentially support healthy inflammation. It  just supports so many good things. Now this is actually saying that it helps support the blood sugar also, and people with type 2 diabetes and diabetic kidney disease so this is even more good information on why you should take this good bacteria probiotics.

If you want to learn more about it we have a whole section, there’ll be links in the comments here to other videos we have but of these two you definitely and I believe everybody should take probiotics if you have kidney issues because it’s just the tremendous support.