Sea Moss and Kidney Disease Benefits? Does Sea Moss Improve Kidney Disease?

Sea Moss and Kidney Disease Benefits? Does Sea Moss Help Kidney Disease?

This video is about Sea Moss and kidney disease. What it is it? Should you consume it?

There’s a lot going on out there on the internet talking about how Irish Sea Moss can help kidney disease. Irish Sea Moss is actually not even a moss, it’s a seaweed/algae. You can buy it in whole-food format. It’s a little hard to find, but you can still get it. You mostly find it in supplement form. You can find it in plenty of powder forms out there. People take it orally, they make it as a gel, and apply it topically. It’s touted to have some kidney benefits.

We know there’s a lot of iodine in Irish Sea Moss. Iodine is helpful for the thyroid but is not helpful for the kidneys. It also has carrageenan: a substance which is a gelatin-like replacement in food, so you find it in a lot a lot of foods out there. You can look on the back of packages to find it.

There is a lot of information about how carrageenan can be harmful. Some studies show that it could be harmful, but some show that it may not be. We do tell a lot of people with digestive disorders to make sure to avoid carrageenan in their diet.

One positive substance that Irish Sea Moss has is fucoxanthin- a carotenoid which is a nutraceutical, or a nutrient-like substance which provides a lot of free radicals. It is shown to help blood sugar, possible cancer, and a lot of different things.

Research through the national library of medicine does not show Irish Sea Moss being beneficial for kidney disease. If you search throughout the national library of medicine, you will find some fucoxanthin, which you buy in supplement form which possibly helps some types of kidney disease. This evidence comes from mostly test tube studies, some mice studies, so we’re not gonna put a lot of faith in that.

Overall, Irish Sea Moss is not recommended if you’re looking to improve kidney health. If you want to take it for just good health purposes and the iodine, that’s fine. 

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