Is Miralax Safe For Kidney Disease? 3 Natural Miralax Alternative For CKD

This video is in response to a question we received, “Is Miralax Safe For Kidney Disease?”


Miralax is a medication that calms constipation by drawing water into the colon which softens the stool and eases up bowel movements. 


Miralax is NOT SAFE for kidney disease individuals. The label on the back of a Miralax bottle reads “Avoid if you have renal impairment”. Any level of kidney damage where your kidneys aren’t working normally is called renal impairment. 


Most people with kidney issues often feel constipated as the kidney toxins in your gut cause this issue. However, if you have kidney disease, you should stay away from Miralax. 


To lessen your constipation, you can start by increasing your fiber intake (at least 25 g a day) as a high fiber content in your renal diet has shown to help with kidney disease. Incorporating high-quality soluble fiber supplements can also help resolve constipation. Staying hydrated throughout the day is another important thing you want to focus on (at least 64 oz. a day).


Overall, Miralax should be avoided if you have kidney disease. Try out the other options mentioned above to safely relieve constipation with kidney disease. 



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