Is Watermelon Good For Dogs With Kidney Disease?

While dogs are known to be carnivores with a meat-filled diet, it may benefit your dog with kidney disease to switch up their food selection by adding healthy fruits packed with a plethora of nutrients and health benefits. We’re replying to a question today regarding how safe watermelon can be for dogs with kidney disease.

A lot of pet owners are uncertain whether or not they should give their dogs watermelon, especially if they have kidney disease. Many ask if a watermelon is safe for their dogs. The answer is Yes! Watermelon is one of the many fruits that are entirely safe for dogs living with kidney disease.

While it’s true that people with kidney disease tend to limit the potassium content in their diet. However, with cats and dogs, it’s the opposite, their potassium levels drop when they have kidney disease. This is another reason your dog will love watermelons as they carry a good amount of potassium and can help improve their kidney function.

One takeaway from this video is to never give your dog the rind of the watermelon. You don’t want them to chew on the rind (white part between the pink flesh and tough green skin) as it could potentially cause issues in their digestive system. Besides that, watermelon can be both safe and nutritious fruit for dogs with kidney disease. In addition, it also helps them stay hydrated and is packed with a whole bunch of other vitamins and minerals. 

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