Ketoanalogues And Kidney Disease To Slow, Stop, Or Even Reverse Kidney Disease

Ketoanalogues, amino acids that are supplemented with low protein diets and have been shown to be effective in improving the benefits of a low protein diet especially in patients with chronic kidney disease. When protein is broken down in our body into amino acids, you get waste byproducts and these are cleared by the kidneys. Due to the effects of these wastes on the kidneys, most doctors recommend using a modified protein intake as a nutrition therapy to support kidney health and slow the progression of kidney disease. Protein-modified diets fall into three categories: Very low protein diets supplemented with ketoanalogues, low protein diets, and a plant-based vegetarian diet. The very low protein diets are around 20 grams of protein per day and low protein diets are 40 grams of protein, but these vary on the person’s weight and height. The vegetarian renal diet is focused on getting out as much animal protein as possible.

In other words, Ketoanalogues allow a person with a very low protein diet to get all the benefits of quality amino acids without the nitrogen processing downside, which your kidneys don’t need. If you’re following a very low protein diet, ketoanalogues are very essential to include as part of your therapy. The research on Ketoanalogues supporting better outcome markers for kidney health, along with very low protein diets, appears consistently in most medical research. In a research paper written by Dr. Gang Lee Ko, on protein intake and chronic kidney disease, he identified about eight different potential benefits of a low protein diet. The ability to slow down the decline of GFR, decreased proteinuria, decreased uremic toxins, Decreased oxidative stress or inflammation, decreased metabolic acidosis, decreased phosphorus or parathyroid hormone, decreased insulin resistance, and finally decreased blood pressure. All of these benefits ultimately lead to delaying dialysis initiation and the effects of chronic kidney disease in general. 

Ketoanalogues of Essential Amino Acids Could Cut CKD Mortality Rates In Half


Keto-Analogues of Essential Aminos together with Low Protein Diet May Slow Renal Decline