Ketoanalogues of Essential Amino Acids Could Cut CKD Mortality Rates In Half!

Ketoanalogue supplementation is the topic of another recent research study, this time discussing its effects on patients with Stage 5 CKD. Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Research Database monitored over 150 patients with pre-dialysis kidney disease over the course of 15 years. What they found was that ketoanalogue supplementation, when coupled with a low protein to very low protein diet, significantly decreased mortality risk in the study participants.

We’ve spoken extensively about the virtues of adopting a low protein diet, and pairing this diet with ketoanalogues was key to enhancing survivability numbers in this study. Furthermore, the study did mention that protein-restricted diets can help reduce kidney function deterioration rate, meaning you can keep more function for longer if you follow a low protein diet.

The study did admit to not being able to confirm total compliance with the low protein diet from some of the participants, but that even if they weren’t following the diet perfectly, the ketoanalogues still managed to extend lifespan. Dialysis may be a necessity in order to filter blood toxins, especially in those who didn’t adhere as strictly to a low protein diet, but mortality was significantly decreased, which is ultimately the goal for stage 5 kidney patients.

With these results, we see clearly that a low protein diet coupled with ketoanalogues of essential amino acids can not only help retain kidney function, but also decrease mortality rates and keep you alive and feeling healthy for longer. Since this study took into account the experiences of kidney patients with Stage 5 renal disease, we can only imagine that those in earlier stages could stand to preserve even more function and enjoy a much better quality of life by working a low protein diet and ketoanalogues into their daily regimen.

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