Kidney Cancer Treatment | Try Using this Special Mushroom

Kidney Cancer Treatment | Try Using this Special Mushroom

In this video we talk about kidney cancer treatment or renal cell carcinoma, that’s kidney cancer. We usually talk about chronic kidney disease, but¬†we’re going to talk about kidney cancer because there’s not a lot of options out there.

When it comes to renal cell carcinoma kidney cancer, the treatments are to cut out the tumor, cut out the cancer in your kidneys so be a partial nephrectomy or just take out your whole kidney a total nephrectomy where they remove the kidney that’s affected. That’s generally the options. They do have some treatments. Now there’s been some treatments approved recently so make sure you get the best of conventional care.

We’re talking about a complimentary supplement that you can use. That supplement is mataki mushroom and there’s a product that’s been studied in humans. Now they studied it in kidney cancer cells, in test tube, and mice so it seemed to be beneficial there. But we know it’s very safe and we know that these mushrooms are well accepted and in most very progressive oncology treatment programs cancer centers they’re accepting and they’re okay with you using a mushroom product.

So this is for renal cell carcinoma the brand is Maitake D-Fraction. That’s the product that you want to get. You want to get the liquid, not the pills. You want to follow the label directions and that’s something that you can use. This is coming from the journal of nutrients and “it’s therapeutic potential of natural products in the treatment of renal cell carcinoma a review.” They do mention a variety of other natural supplements that could be used in conjunction but as Ilook at the list the one that I feel the most comfortable recommending is the Maitake D Fraction liquid form.

It’s a dropper form you can get the Maitake Pro D Fraction, it’s a little different extract, it costs a lot more money it’s supposed to be better that’s another option so you do have those so look those up on the internet decide if that’s right for you talk to your doctors about it but that’s an option.