Kidney Detox Foods | These Foods Clean Your Kidneys

Kidney Detox Foods | These Foods Clean Your Kidneys

I’m excited to share this video with you, a piece of research which I think is really great. We’re gonna talk about kidney detox foods that can really help your kidney health. This comes from the Nutritional Review Journal. Medical Journal, May 10th. It’s titled, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, and Strawberries as Modulators of the Gut Microbiota: Target for treatment of gut dysbiosis and chronic kidney disease from current evidence to future possibilities.

When you have kidney disease, what tends to happen is you get a buildup or imbalance of the gut bacteria. You also get uremic toxins that are produced in the gut. So that’s part of the dysbiosis.

So it’s called, it’s part of the gut-kidney axis. Your gut plays a  really big role in your kidney health, and we’re learning so much more about this and it’s just tremendous in an area that conventional medicine hasn’t addressed yet, but we can address it here naturally. So you have kidney disease, all these gut toxins are building up and they can end up recirculating in your body, damaging your kidneys, further damaging your health.

These four foods have shown to help modulate the gut. They can help with production of short chain fatty acids. They work as prebiotics to help the good bacteria, the probiotics grow, consume more of these uremic toxins. So these four foods, blueberry, my favorite cranberry, raspberry, and strawberries.

You want to have them in your diet daily. You can do all four if you want, or if you want to pick one or two. I have blueberries every day. I don’t have these other ones really often. Strawberries, more often, some raspberries, but blueberries are my key thing. Fresh or frozen. Aim for like one cup a day to two cups a day.

What they talk about here in this research is it’s going to help that dysbiosis, it’s going to help the kidney-gut axis. With those foods, you really can do a lot of good things with your gut and prove it, which in turn then helps your kidneys. Your kidneys are not exposed to those uremic toxins recirculating in your body.

So, eat those, have them in your diet. Fresh, frozen, blend them up. Fresh, raw, just get them in your diet daily. It is so important for your kidney health. A food-based thing we can do, we talk on the channel about probiotics, prebiotics, you definitely can always use those, but everybody’s got to eat food.