Kidney Disease And Constipation Video #3 | THE POOP STOOL

In research done by the Renal Replacement Therapy Journal, December 2019, they talked about a certain squatting position to relieve constipation with kidney disease. Robert expands on this study and shows how a proper squatting position can make things easier. 


If you have constipation, sitting on toilet seats is not the best pooping position. During the research, they talked about how a better squatting position would help ease constipation. Robert recommends using a ‘poop stool’  that you can easily find online. The main idea is to try to get your knees at a higher position than your hips. This places your rectum in an easier position to help relieve constipation. 


You can find any stool that is similar to the one shown in the video. To begin, simply place your feet on the stool while you’re on the toilet seat. This allows your knees to be above your hips which then puts you in a better position to ease bowel movements. 


There are a bunch of other things you can do to help ease constipation from kidney disease. Learning how to use a ‘poop stool’ is one of them. 


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