Kidney Disease And High Normal Potassium Levels Maybe Protective


For those individuals living with kidney disease who have high normal levels of potassium, it may actually act as a protective trait. We found a fascinating study that came from Kidney Week in October 2020.

The study showed that high potassium (not out-of-range but high normal) levels showed a protective effect for the people in the later stages of kidney disease (stages 4 and 5). They found out that the group with high potassium levels were literally protected from dying or protected from dying sooner than others who didn’t have these higher normal potassium levels.

This goes to show that having some higher potassium levels can actually provide numerous protective benefits. It helps your blood pressure, helps your arteries, and it also helps your cardiovascular system. Now, for people with kidney disease, high potassium level (outside the 5.5 range) may cause some issues and is bad for your heart. However, it looks like if your potassium is high normal, it can bring out multiple benefits as potassium has a lot of benefits to it.

If you’re looking to lower your potassium levels after seeing some blood work, it may not be the best decision because then you’d lose several protective traits. As long as your potassium levels don’t go out of range, it seems to be fine.

This consensus has been around for a little while around multiple researchers but now that we have more and more studies and scientists supporting that idea, it looks like a good thing. What they also mentioned in the study was that people don’t have to be so restrictive with certain fruits and vegetables just because they are high in potassium.

Many contemporary new studies are continuing to show promising discoveries proving that it’s actually better to have more fruits and vegetables even if they’re higher in potassium as long as your potassium levels don’t go out of range.

It’s this deeply interesting research here that reveals more ways to enjoy high potassium fruits and vegetables in limited portions. Don’t stress if your potassium level is high, just make sure that it doesn’t go out of range.

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