Kidney Disease and Protein Powders: Whey, Pea, Rice, Essential Amino Acids Protein Powder For CKD

Kidney Disease and Protein Powders: Whey, Pea, Rice, Essential Amino Acids Protein Powder For CKD

Let’s talk about protein powders and kidney disease. Coming from the Journal of the Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism–January 2021 titled Whey Protein Supplementation and Its potentially Adverse Effects on Health: A Systematic Review.

So what did they say here? They weren’t even looking at people with kidney disease and instead looked at people who take whey protein without any professional guidance and for an extended period of time. It potentially has the impact to damage the kidneys and the liver is what they mention.

Now we know that if you have kidney disease you do not want to take any whey protein powder because you’re getting a very concentrated source of protein that’s going to have to be broken down by the body, processed by the kidney, cause more damage to your kidney. Now even if you go to a doctor or dietitian and they see that you might have protein energy wasting, where you’re not absorbing protein and losing protein in the urine, they may recommend a protein powder or a kidney protein shake. You don’t want to use those, that’s outdated information. Anybody who’s really up on the research in the last 10 years knows you don’t want to take protein powders for kidney disease.

If you must take a protein powder, use a vegetarian-based protein such as rice or soy because they’re going to be much much easier on the kidneys. Now you really shouldn’t even use that either. The ideal way to correct this is by using essential amino acids which are broken down protein amino acids that make protein. When you take the essential amino acids, it’s broken down protein so your body doesn’t have to get rid of all the metabolic waste that would otherwise stress the kidney. You’re able to get your protein levels up the correct way. You do not want to do it using protein powders or protein shakes because all you’re doing is stressing that kidney out and putting more metabolic toxins in your body.

Now what essential amino acid products are out there to help you get adequate amounts of protein? There’s a lot of brands out there and to start you want to look for essential amino acids which offer 3500 milligrams per day. Some brands include Now Foods, Pure Encapsulations, and of course Healthy Kidney Inc. has an essential amino acid product called Pure Kidney. Nature’s Path Nutraceuticals has an essential amino acid powder and pill.

3500 milligrams of essential amino acids really shows to give you a good quantity of protein and a broken down form which is easy on the body. That is equal to around 20-25 grams of eating protein or drinking a shake without all the toxins.

Another way that you can get your protein is by using ketoanalogues of essential amino acids. Those are actually better than using essential amino acids. They have less toxins than essential amino acids. However, ketoanalogues tend to cost a lot more money. If it’s not in your budget look to those essential amino acids.