Kidney Disease Breakfast: Breakfast and Kidney disease Hot Cereal

Kidney Disease Breakfast: Breakfast and Kidney disease Hot Cereal

Today’s video is about Kidney Disease Breakfast and hot cereals for kidney disease. It’s starting to get colder where I’m at. We just started having some hot cereal and the good thing about hot cereals is they’re very kidney friendly.

You have a large variety; cream of wheat, cream of rice, we have cream of corn, you have oats. These are all the common hot cereals that you’ll find in most supermarkets, and for those four that I mentioned they’re very kidney friendly, especially the cream of rice and cream of wheat because they’re lower potassium. They’re also lower phosphorus. The oats are going to have a little bit more phosphorous, but it can definitely be fit into a kidney diet. Potassium amounts we generally don’t have to worry about when it comes to hot cereals, unless you’re really trying to restrict potassium.

There’s a moderate amount of potassium, but it’s acceptable with most people’s kidney diets. Hot cereal is easy to make, and you can find those everywhere. You can put them in a bowl, microwave them, and you can add fruits to them.

You can find Bob’s Red Mill has a whole variety of 5 grain and10 grain hot cereal mixes for the morning. With the hot cereal mixes you would use some type of milk; a plant-based milk ideally which can be almond milk. This really adds flavor and helps it be a little creamier. Coconut milk can be added as well. You can add rice milk with Bob’s Red Mill that I mentioned and a lot of these others. I’ve even seen a buckwheat hot cereal. Buckwheat is really kidney friendly with those they’re made from whole grains.

You do want to watch the phosphorus content. You can take it with a phosphorus binder either a natural one, or a prescription one. What you can do is add a lot of other kidney-friendly fruits and other things to your bowl. You can have a really nice hot cereal–blueberries, berries, apples, all good kidney-friendly fruits you can add. Cut them up, add them in there and enjoy it.

For people that are diabetics, the hot cereals may raise blood sugar. In that case, what you can do is take half the amount of hot cereal you’d be using and you can add in a whole bunch of kidney friendly berries including some apples because those won’t raise the blood sugar as much. That would help you prevent any high blood sugar. You can also add in like two tablespoons of flax seed. Flax seeds don’t raise the blood sugar, so it’s another friendly food that you can add in there.

You can make that hot cereal more diabetic friendly. You can also add some sweeteners, but keep them to small amounts. A little cinnamon honey is one that you can use as well as a little maple syrup. We are talking small, small amounts. Stevia is something that you can also use. With that you can use more amounts because you don’t have to worry about that raising your blood sugar or extra calories.

Hot cereals–try them out. If you have kidney issues, stick to what we recommended. They are super easy to cook and very kidney friendly, just watch the whole grain ones as opposed to the more refined grain, simple grain like the cream of rice and cream of wheat. 

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