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It is hard to stick to your diet every time you plan on ordering from a restaurant. Restaurant owners always put tonnes of appealing, high-calorie meals on their cover page to boost their sales. However, we share some tips and tricks today on how to finesse the way to order the next time you’re eating out.

Food chains often hear their customers opting for a healthier lifestyle and they try to come up with something new to support consumer behavior. Fast-food chains and diners have started serving vegan plant-based meals in many locations and continue to explore the world of healthy eating.

We ordered from a Chinese restaurant near our office and this one had a whole column on the menu where they listed steamed healthy options which were very low in calorie count and sodium content. These are some healthy choices you can make which can also be included in a renal diet. Certain foods are restricted for someone with kidney disease and it forces them to stick to their renal diet.

Why are steamed foods better?
Tonnes of vitamins and minerals found in healthy vegetables tend to disappear with conventional procedures of cooking. Steaming food enhances essential vitamins such as vitamin B, thiamine, niacin, vitamin C, etc.

In addition, minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and calcium are retained. Steaming food instead of frying also increases the water content and assists in hydration. In most cases, steaming also helps increase alkalinity.

Robert got himself a Long Life Vegetarian off the menu. It consisted of some white rice, cellophane noodles (noodles made ut of starch), carrots, baby corn, string beans, broccoli, and tofu.

Tofu is a great vegetarian protein that you can include in your diet. It is also a great alternative to animal protein. A low protein vegetarian diet is also recommended for those dealing with kidney sufferers as they are a little easier on the kidneys.

A lot of Chinese restaurants always give you sauce or soy sauce. You always want to have that on the side so that way you don’t consume a lot of sodium. You can also try out the dip-your-fork way as shown in the video which drastically reduces your sodium intake, especially when eating high sodium foods.

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