What Are Some Good Teas For Kidney Disease? This Herbal Tea Is Your Best Bet!

Herbal teas for kidney disease can yield many benefits for your kidneys. People with kidney problems can drink herbal teas as it is a good beverage choice for your kidneys. Green tea and hibiscus tea are among two herbal teas that can help support good kidney health. Robert goes over a piece of research on herbal teas for kidney disease in this video as he explains the benefits of herbal teas for your kidneys. 


What’s better for kidney health? Green tea or hibiscus tea? You’re going to find out in just a moment. Herbal teas are great for kidney disease. This is Robert Galarowicz from healthykidneyinc.com, a naturopath, nutritionist, and kidney survivor, reporting on a piece of research from May 2014 from the Journal Pharmacological Advancements in Science. What they looked at in this study was they took kidney cells in a test tube and they exposed them to gentamicin which is an antibiotic that causes kidney damage. So they exposed them to this antibiotic and they introduced green tea and hibiscus tea and they found both of them had about equal protective properties on those kidney cells. After that, they exposed those kidney cells to bacteria, and then they introduced green tea in the hibiscus tea. They found that the green tea had antimicrobial antibacterial properties so it was bad for that bacteria whereas the hibiscus tea didn’t have those types of properties so in this piece of research green tea is the better tea to have for your kidney health. Kidney sufferers can positively benefit from herbal tea as they are good for your kidneys.


We have another video about good teas for kidney disease but this but green tea by far seems to be the best tea for kidney health no matter what the kidney situation may be hands down it’s always winning in studies and this is another piece of research showing the benefits of it. Now, that doesn’t mean other herbal teas and even hibiscus tea isn’t good and doesn’t have benefits for kidney disease but if you’re going to choose one tea, make it green tea.


The most beneficial best tea for you and if you’re really trying to get some therapeutic benefits with green tea, you want to try to get like three to six cups per day. Three would be a really good amount for people with kidney issues and don’t worry too much about the caffeine because it’s generally mild but always check your blood pressure before introducing anything new to your diet.


Seeing what the before and after effects are important but the majority of people are perfectly fine with green tea. Green tea is a good tea choice for kidney disease. Thanks for watching everybody and for your best kidney health. If you like green tea, that’s great, you got something good for your kidneys. Check out our other videos here, like, subscribe and comment.