Kidney Disease And How It Affects Your Memory, Thinking, And Cognition. What You Can Do!

Your brain weighs around 3 pounds and 75% of it is made out of water. There are many factors that can affect your brain health and kidney disease is one of them. Kidney disease can negatively impact your brain health and affect your memory, cognition, thinking, and communication. Dementia is a common issue faced by chronic kidney disease (CKD) sufferers.


Many studies and research have shown the connection between dementia and kidney disease. People with CKD are at a higher risk of cognitive impairment. In this video, Robert discusses a study published by the Online Edition of Neurology where they successfully managed to show how kidney disease was linked to dementia and cognitive impairment. 


Worldwide, about 50 million have dementia, and more than 50% of chronic kidney disease sufferers suffer from memory loss. In addition to the research about kidney disease and dementia, Robert mentions how kidney disease affected his memory and thinking. When dangerous levels of toxins build up in your body due to reduced kidney function, your brain is adversely affected. Incorporating Omega 3s and L-carnitine with kidney disease may help prevent dementia for those dealing with kidney disease. 


Always be sure to check with your nutritionist or nephrologist before getting on any medications. Kidney disease can have negative impacts on your memory, thinking, communication, and cognition. 


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