Kidney Disease Symptoms in Women | Same or Different Than Men?

Kidney Disease Symptoms in Women | Same or Different Than Men?


The question that we’ve gotten is, what are the kidney disease symptoms in women? The answer is just because you’re a woman, you won’t have any different symptoms than a man, and you generally don’t feel symptoms until the later stages of kidney disease.

There’s a variety of symptoms, which some of them could be nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, fatigue, sleep problems, problems urinating, concentration, swelling, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and chest pain. So there’s some of the symptoms you can have in women and in men that have kidney disease generally in the later stages.

Chronic kidney disease affects one in ten adults. In women, over 195 million cases have been determined worldwide. This makes chronic kidney disease he eighth leading cause of death in women worldwide.

Some people estimate that chronic kidney disease is more prevalent in women, compared with men, globally. The reason for this may be lack or awareness to the disease and its underlying causes, as well as proper health treatment. Women are also more likely to develop kidney disease because conditions such as lupus and kidney infection are more common in women. Also, having chronic kidney disease can make it harder to get pregnant and cause high-risk pregnancies, so if you are pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant, that is a good time to get your kidneys checked to make sure they are healthy.

As far as the symptoms of kidney disease in women, they do not differ and are the exact same as the symptoms in men. These symptoms may not become prevalent until later stages of kidney disease. Some signs to look out for include experiencing fatigue, poor appetite, swelling feet, or puffiness around the eyes, and you should consider getting tested for the disease. Kidney disease can be tested through urine tests, that measure different levels of albumin. To prevent kidney disease, maintain a healthy lifestyle. To your best kidney health everyone.