Soups And Kidney Disease. How To Alkalize With Soups For Chronic Kidney Disease.

Today’s video gives you a whole new idea on how to make your own soups that are also kidney-friendly. Now that the winter months are here, many people love to stay warm and healthy with a bowl of soup. Robert shares a soup recipe today and shows how it can be kidney-friendly and low sodium.


Adding many nutritious vegetables to your soup is another great way to consume vegetables on a renal diet. This quick and easy-to-make soup recipe is something you might want to try out at home.


In his soup recipe, Robert explains all the stuff going into it and what you should look out for. This recipe takes about half an hour. When choosing the broth, always stick to a ‘low sodium’ or ‘no-salt’ option. The chicken broth shown in the video contained 200mg of sodium, and that gets divided depending on how big your serving bowl is.


Firstly, you’d put the broth into the pot and let it heat for a while. Next, you add the vegetables into the soup, and to spice things up, you can always sauté your vegetables before adding them. Some kidney-friendly vegetables that go well with the soup are cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, celery sticks, etc.


If you noticed high potassium levels on your recent blood test, it is best to stick to the vegetables with the least amount of potassium like asparagus and broccoli. Going forward, you can add some salt-free spices from ‘Mrs. Dash’ as they have great options for kidney disease sufferers. This can add some taste to the soup and lastly, let it cook for 20-30 mins.


After half an hour, check if your vegetables have cooked thoroughly. To make sure, insert a fork into the vegetables and check if it goes through. You can enjoy them crunchy or tender, depending on your preference.


In conclusion, making soup is another great meal choice for the colder months. It also helps you intake all these vegetables and the reason why vegetables are so important is that they help alkalize your body when you have kidney disease. Soups are always a great way to go with kidney issues and making your own soup base with vegetables and herbs is always more kidney-friendly.



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