Kidney Health Issues May Arise In Those Unaware They Even Have It

More than 1 in 7 adults, which is about 37 million people in the United States, are affected by chronic kidney health issues. An even more troubling statistic, though, is that around 90% of people with this condition usually aren’t aware that they even have it in the first place. Furthermore, 2 out of 5 adults who do have chronic kidney problems, don’t know the severity of their case. People with chronic kidney issues can live many years without noticing the most clear symptoms that can occur. Kidney problems are some of the most prevalent health conditions in humans, and one which most sufferers don’t realize they might have.

Moreover, the National Kidney Foundation reports that this condition affects 37 million people in the US, meaning more than 90% of these people have no clue. In these turbulent times, with the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic and a subsequent spike in dramatic decreases of the rate of preventive care, most conditions that are not monitored can progress from bad to worse if not detected early enough. This could have a domino effect in leading these people into other, possibly worse health conditions as well.

Many doctors recommend that more people maintain a close relationship with their doctor or healthcare team to catch these types of conditions early, especially chronic kidney issues. These types of health conditions can be silent emergencies in which the kidneys are damaged to an extent that they cannot filter out your blood efficiently. The use of your kidneys are crucial in helping release water-soluble waste from your body and to maintain one’s pH balance.

Some of the “silent killer” symptoms which people tend to frequently overlook range from swelling in the lower part of the body, fatigue, and sometimes bone pain. It can also be confusing to diagnose because these symptoms resemble other chronic conditions. Doctors reiterate that this sort of condition can be serious if you happen to not notice any of these symptoms.

Moreover, this silent killer can progress to an advanced level where it is crucial that one rethinks about prioritizing their relationship with their healthcare. Building a relationship with one’s doctor can significantly help one with any confusion and also enable detection of early warning signs. For more of the latest on kidney tips, information, research studies and other frequently asked questions, be sure to check out the Healthy Kidney Inc. YouTube page