Kidney Issues Could Be Linked To Severe Nocturia In Men, Study Shows

Nocturia or nighttime urination can become a severe impediment to getting a good night’s sleep for many men dealing with moderate to severe chronic renal issues. A recent study showcased just how many men could be struggling with the condition, as relayed to the public at the European Association of Urology’s 2020 virtual congress.

The study followed approximately 530 Japanese men with a mean age of roughly 72 years. The study observed that almost 50% had to relieve themselves at least 3 or more times each night and that nocturia symptoms were particularly pronounced in men with CKD in stages ranging from 3b to 4 and 5, with nearly 80% of the participants in those stages reporting nocturia symptoms.

Nocturia may not seem like a serious issue, especially when compared to many of the other more dangerous symptoms faced by those dealing with kidney conditions, but what seems to many like a minor inconvenience is in fact indirectly contributing to weaker immunity by diminishing the quality of sleep these men are getting each night. When sleep quality is lacking due to chronic disturbances like nocturia, those effected do not awaken refreshed and do not reap the maximum benefits of having a solid, uninterrupted 8 hours as is commonly recommended.

Studies consistently show that having a steady sleep schedule and getting sufficient amounts of sleep contribute to better heart health, elevated mood, sharper brain function, healthy weight management and even regulated blood sugar. These things are important for everyone but doubly so in people dealing with compromised immunity and kidney issues.

Some natural ways to counter nocturia include avoiding caffeine, alcohol and sodium, adjusting the time you take your meds if you find they are contributing to your nocturia and elevating the legs while using compression stockings to help ensure fluids are properly distributed and not building up throughout the night. For more tips on how to navigate the rough seas of kidney care, be sure to take a gander at out daily YouTube videos