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Kidney patients eat a variety of kidney-friendly foods that fit into a renal diet. Many of those dealing with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are familiar with the important things about their diet like getting enough fiber, monitoring phosphorus, limiting protein, controlling potassium, and avoiding high-salt foods.


Robert talks about the benefits of basmati rice for a renal diet. He points out the low glycemic index of basmati rice and it generally does not raise your blood sugar. For those dealing with diabetic kidney disease, you may need to check with your dietitian. 


Basmati rice is a great kidney-friendly food that is perfect for kidney patients. In a kidney patient diet, you always want to get enough fiber and all the minerals that your kidneys need. Rice is a staple food for many households worldwide. People in the early stages of kidney disease should be fine with all types of rice but brown rice is suggested for CKD patients looking to manage their phosphorus and potassium levels.


You can safely incorporate basmati rice into your kidney disease diet. Kidney patients can reap multiple benefits from basmati rice as it has a lower arsenic content than other types of rice and it is a form of whole grain which is considered to be the healthiest kinds of grains. Basmati rice can also be a great source of fiber for kidney patients, helping your move waste more efficiently along the digestive tract.


To sum it up, basmati rice is an exceptional food option that fits right into your kidney disease diet. People with kidney disease and CKD patients should keep their portion size to an acceptable amount as rice also contains small amounts of protein. Brown basmati rice has higher potassium and potassium content so be sure to always check with your nutritionist or dietitian.

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