Kidney Transplant Diet And Foods To Keep It Forever. Renal Transplant Diet

When Robert got his kidney transplant 17 years ago, his doctors told him that the transplant would only last for about 7 years. The reason for his transplant lasting for a long time is his constant care over his health and lifestyle. Robert credits the way he manages his diet and his overall health.


If you have a kidney transplant, the same diet for chronic kidney disease would apply. Making sure you’re on a kidney-friendly renal diet is the best diet for an individual with a kidney transplant. One major area Robert focuses on is the salt intake in your diet. Be mindful to reduce high sodium foods and always try to stay between 1500 mg – 2200 mg a day of sodium. Other helpful factors include consuming more fiber, quitting smoking, checking protein in your urine, etc.


Healthy Kidney Inc. has a whole bunch of tips and tricks on our website in order to maintain a healthy, kidney-friendly diet. You can learn about it all on our YouTube Channel as well. If you’re in stage 3 or 4 of kidney disease, the renal diet would be similar but your supplements may vary.


Sticking to a kidney-friendly renal diet with limited amounts of sodium is a great option for a kidney transplant diet to make sure your transplant lasts as long as possible.


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