Kratom and Kidney Disease | Can Kratom Cause Kidney Problems?

Kratom and Kidney Disease | Can Kratom Cause Kidney Problems?

Today we’re answering a question that I got at HealthyKidneyinc which was does kratom cause kidney issues or does it cause kidney disease?

So kratom is an herb that has mild opiate-like properties it’s sold over the counter. It’s a little difficult to find but it is available over the counter. You can buy it on the internet and it’s touted to help people that have opiate addictions get off their opiates and so someone asked the question is it safe with kidney problems or kidney disease? So I looked in the national library of medicine. I only saw one citation related to toxicity and kidney issues and just going by other reports of liver toxicity that’s associated with it at this time we don’t know enough to take the kratom if you have kidney disease or kidney issues.

I feel it’s best to avoid it, to stay away from it. The one citation did show a toxicity causing some kidney damage with someone that was taking it for a short period of time but as I said we don’t have a lot of research. We did show some liver toxicity in other studies so since we don’t have enough research on this I really recommend not taking it. If you do take it just try to take it short term because most toxicity studies show it’s long term but the one with the kidney disease did show short term so really best to avoid.

I think there’s other better choices out there you can talk to your doctor about what you’re looking to do with the kratom there could be other options out there natural ones that you could use as a replacement. At this time I wouldn’t recommend it if you have any type of kidney disease or any type of compromised kidney function. 

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