Lemon Water and Kidney Stones | Can Lemon Water Help with Kidney Stones?

Lemon Water and Kidney Stones | Can Lemon Water Help with Kidney Stones? Today i’m answering a question that we get here at healthy kidney Inc. That question is does lemon water help kidney stones?

So when it comes to that question yes; lemon water and lemon juice is very helpful and can prevent kidney stones because lemons have a lot of citric acid in them and the citric acid to calcium and most stones are calcium based stones so they’re made up of calcium so that citric acid can bind to the calcium and it can help get the excretion out of your body.

It takes it out of your body and it reduces your risk of developing kidney stones. How much lemon juice should you have every day? It does vary but a really good consensus is two ounces of lemon that you can dilute throughout your water twice a day. You can drink it like that if you don’t mind. The other consensus is two whole lemons squeezed out and drinking the juice of that and you can dilute that in water or drink it straight whatever works.

If you’re at risk for kidney stones and you want to prevent kidney stone, this as a way to detox. Aim for those two whole fresh squeezed lemons daily or two ounces of lemon juice twice per day. You could use lemonade and diet lemonade. They actually have studies showing that these are both beneficial, but they’re not preferred because you get a lot of sugar and if you do the diet one then you still get artificial sweeteners which cause their own issues. Opt for getting good old-fashioned lemons cutting them in half squeezing out all the juice and drinking that and that will help prevent kidney stones.