Lifestyle Changes To Slow Down Kidney Disease Progression & Prevent Cardiovascular Disease. 5 CKD TIPS

If you’re diagnosed with kidney disease, you can do a whole bunch of things to slow down the progression of kidney disease. In this video, Robert expands on 5 things that are within your control to reduce the loss of kidney function and to prevent any cardiovascular diseases. Issues like heart disease and high blood pressure are more common when your kidneys start working at reduced function. 


The research is coming from the Journal Of The American Society Of Nephrology, February 2021 where they observed over 20,000 people from a group of other studies. The researchers concluded with 5 things you can implement to decelerate the rate of kidney disease progression.


  • Smoking – Smoking any cigarette or tobacco can increase your blood pressure which can damage more kidney cells. Vaping has high risks to it as inhaling the metals from the vapors can be dangerous for your cardiovascular health, and your kidneys. You should look to quit smoking or at least try to reduce it. Overall, smoking and vaping should be avoided with kidney disease.


  • Alcohol – During the study, they found out that people who consumed little to no alcohol had the best results. Drinking small amounts of alcohol occasionally wouldn’t be a big problem but once you start consuming it daily, it can lead to more cardiovascular issues and liver disease. Alcohol is not good for your heart and kidney function. 


  • Healthy Diet – Robert always talks about how managing your diet with kidney disease can be highly beneficial. Following a kidney-friendly diet showed strong outcomes like reduced blood pressure and better energy. You can check out our YouTube to learn all about the kidney disease diet. The biggest piece of advice on following a healthy diet is to cut the sodium and salt content in your foods. Be mindful of meals that contain high amounts of salt and always stick to low-salt foods and low amounts while cooking. 


  • Physical Activity – Among many studies gathered in the study, the researchers found out that regular exercising helped with kidney inflammation, heart disease, and controlled blood pressure levels. Starting some mild physical exercise into your life can reap numerous benefits for your kidneys. Walking is one way of incorporating some physical activity into your day. 


  • Body Mass Index (BMI) – A BMI is a score that you get based on your height and weight. Doctors use it all the time to determine if someone is overweight, underweight, or obese. The research showed how important it is to stay within your normal BMI range as a lower BMI can reduce the stress you put on your kidneys. Shedding a couple of pounds can help a lot with kidney disease as a lower body weight means less work for the kidneys. While enjoying your favorite meals, be mindful to eat in moderate amounts to stay within your BMI. A healthy, kidney-friendly diet can slow down the progression of kidney disease and help avoid any cardiovascular issues.


These are 5 things suggested by the study to reduce the loss of kidney function and prevent cardiovascular issues. A lot of the things mentioned above can be managed effectively as you have total control over diet and habits. 


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