Low Potassium Diet For Kidney Disease: How To Eat All Potatoes You Want

The potato is the most important non-cereal crop in the world, and the fourth most important crop overall. Only corn, wheat, and rice are more important. Americans eat more than 16 pounds of French fries every year, which comes to over 2 million tons! In the US, potato products are the second most consumed food overall, trailing only dairy products. Potatoes are 80% water.

The many health and skin benefits of potatoes make the vegetable all the more special. Potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, Potassium, fiber, B vitamins copper, tryptophan, manganese, etc.

This video today is referring to a study published by the Journal of Renal Nutrition, in May 2020, where we learned a way to prepare and consume delicious potatoes on a kidney disease diet.

There have always been various preparation methods to lower potassium in foods, specifically for individuals dealing with kidney disease. A low potassium diet is recommended for kidney disease individuals. Now, a lot of these methods would work to reduce the potassium but never really a good acceptable amount that is consumable in a kidney disease diet.

People all over the world love potatoes, whether it’s fried or boiled. They’re low protein also but they’re high in potassium. A low potassium diet is more likely to help you keep your blood pressure low as a bonus.

This is the best way to prepare them so you can get around 70% leached out of the potatoes.

Certain high-potassium foods, such as potatoes, can be soaked in water to reduce their potassium content for people on the kidney diet.

Firstly, you would cook the potatoes whatever way you prefer. Following that, you would soak them in a pot of freshwater for 2 to 4 hours, then you may enjoy it. You can also modify the spices according to your preference and a little olive oil or vegetable oil would do no harm.  You can also throw them back in a pan for a while with any seasonings and dressings.

This preparation method helps reduce the potassium content by 70% down and that is a good amount that you have leached. This may allow you to include them more often in your diet.

This might be a valid meal if you’re looking to restrict potassium in your diet and include potatoes. These are just some measures you can implement in order to follow a low potassium diet especially for a person dealing with kidney disease.

Potatoes On A Renal Diet

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