Low Protein Diet and Kidney Disease | Fake Cheese

Cheese is an all-time favorite among many people. Today’s video focuses on a low protein diet with kidney disease. Countless studies and research have shown the benefits of a low to very low protein diet for people with kidney disease. Robert talks about some cheese alternatives that fit perfectly into a low protein renal diet.


Many nephrologists recommend a low protein diet for kidney sufferers. Protein is extremely essential for your body to function normally. However, with kidney disease, high amounts of protein may be deposited into your blood and can also leak protein in the urine. 


Following a low to very low protein diet with kidney disease is not an easy task. In the video, Robert talks about a vegan-based cheese he bought at the supermarket. This vegan-based cheese was made out of cashews and it contained zero protein. The sodium was the only issue for this product as it packed 230mg of sodium per ounce. This may seem like a large amount but if you consume this vegan-based cheese in moderation, it should do no harm. Potassium was fairly low at 10mg. Phosphorus in this cheese is negotiable as it comes from vegetarian sources which are harder to absorb. 


In 2019, a study estimated that 2% of Americans are vegan. Over the past few years, vegan-based products have increased and created a huge market in major supermarkets. This is one reason why there are so many low-protein options out there. Start by adding small amounts of vegan-based cheese into your sandwiches and salads to add more flavor to your kidney diet. 


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