Low Protein Diet For Kidney Disease And Fruit Bars. LPD for CKD | Renal Diet That Works | CKD Snacks

A large majority of kidney organizations and health publications have suggested a low protein diet for individuals with kidney disease. We have been doing many videos and articles covering the benefits of a low protein diet for kidney disease. 


Today’s video is about fruit bars in a low protein diet. Robert shows us a zero-protein fruit bar that he found at the supermarket. If consumed in moderate amounts, this can be your perfect, kidney-friendly snack. However, be mindful to check the ingredients before you buy a fruit bar. The one shown in the video three ingredients; apple puree, seamless strawberry puree, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).


If you have kidney disease and you’re on a low-protein diet, this can be a quick snack that is low in protein. Make sure you avoid the fruit bars with added ingredients like added sugars and salt. 


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