Kidney Disease With Low Protein Diet: Ketoanalogues For Kidney Function


Ketoanalogues are essential amino acids that are supplemented with low protein diets and have been shown in medical research to be very effective in improving the benefits of a low protein diet especially in patients with chronic kidney disease. When protein is broken down in our body into amino acids you get waste byproducts, these are always cleared by the kidneys. If you are following a very low protein diet, ketoanalogues are essential to include as part of your therapy due to the fact that they contain no waste in which gives the kidneys a break. Limiting the amount of waste the kidneys have to clear also gives them less of a workload in general. In which long-term your kidneys will have better health. 

The research on ketoanalogues supporting better outcomes for kidney health, along with very low protein diets, appears consistently in medical research. Ketoanalogues are very popular now because later last year research came out about the debate of the best diet for chronic kidney disease patients. A low- to very low protein diet has been used to treat kidney issues and therapeutic. The problem is that you may become deficient in protein, which brings lots of problems for the overall health of your kidneys and their functions. To follow this kind of diet without becoming deficient in protein you can take ketoanalogues because of the problems they help avoid when taking low protein diets. With these ketoanalogues, it produces very little to no waste so your kidneys don’t have to deal with any waste and the health of your kidneys grows significantly.

Although ketoanalogues in and of themselves don’t support kidney health, they are meant to take with these kinds of diets. They are meant to detour protein deficiency that may result from a very low protein diet. The very low protein diet is the therapy for kidney disease, the ketoanalogues are a supportive and necessary part of that regimen. Robert mentions that a low to very low protein diet is not new and has been around but never suggested as much because the medical research had not been discovered. Very low protein diets supplemented with ketoanalogues, low protein diets, and plant-based vegetarian diets. The very low protein diets are around 20 grams of protein/day and low protein diets around 40 grams of protein, but these vary on the person’s weight and height. The vegetarian renal diet is focused on getting as much animal protein out as possible. 

Keto-Analogues of Essential Aminos together with Low Protein Diet May Slow Renal Decline

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